Cricket and Music – An Unholy Alliance

Let me start by admitting that I’m an old – well oldish – fogey; but not an old fart! I love cricket – all forms of the great game – and I love many types of music. So, of course, I’m tuning in to the ICC Champions Trophy, which started yesterday and features the top eight international cricket teams in the world. I’ve just enjoyed lunch watching Pakistan and the West Indies – Pakistan are really struggling – from The Oval. And what do I hear every time a wicket falls, or there is any other type of break in play, but very loud music. It’s just not cricket! I know music has been a feature of one day cricket in England for several seasons now, but this fan would not go to any match where music is being played. Give me the quiet waters of the Test and County Cricket game; I was at Northants v Worcester yesterday. Come on ICC Champions Trophy organisers, – the ICC, I guess – is music really necessary? It adds nothing, in my view. I’ll tune in to England v Australia tomorrow – come on England – with the volume turned down as low as reasonably possible.