Food, Glorious Food! Or Is It?

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the USA on many occasions, but my recent two weeks trip to Canada was only my third and those previous visits to Vancouver and Montreal respectively had only been of a two or three days duration. So one of the questions upon arrival in Toronto – and after four days of business in that fine city moving on to Niagara Falls, Goderich and the Algonquin Provincial Park – was what are the sizes of the food portions likely to be? My wife and I have often experienced what we would consider as gargantuan portions – invariably tasty, but not always welcome – in the US, but surely the Canadians would be a little more conservative? Not so! Wherever and whenever we sought a simple sandwich we were offered fries, soup and salad with it as part of the package. The lovely Mrs. Lane and I enjoy fine dining and an eclectic mix of cuisines, but why in North America do they think that we want (or need) to eat so much? It is easy to see why obesity is such a huge – pardon the pun – problem and, of course, it is already a serious issue here in the UK. And the waste! Can anyone out there from the USA or Canada offer an explanation?