I’m Addicted to MasterChef and Not Only The Food!

I never watch cookery programmes on television. As a non practitioner of the culinary arts – I really must give them a try – they hold little interest for me, with one notable exception. I love MasterChef. I watch MasterChef UK, I watch MasterChef, Austalia, I watch MasterChef, New Zealand. And I would probably watch MasterChef, India, if I could understand what was going on a little better. For some reason – I’ll probably get around to it eventually – I haven’t watched MasterChef, South Africa, thus far.

Why is this? I’ll tell you. It’s the sheer competitiveness of it all. MasterChef competitors around the world all pretend to get on with each other – there’s devastation when a ‘friend’ is eliminated from the competition – but it’s a cut throat competition to end all cut throat competitions and I love it.

My ultimate MasterChef ambition? No, not to compete, but how about doing the voice over commentary for one of the series? Wonderful!