Let’s Hear It For The Library Service!

Prior to my trip to Canada I lent three books from my local public library. What a wonderful service they provide in an environment that has changed little since my Saturday morning visits as a school boy back in the 1950’s. It was all light reading on this occasion, with novels from the wonderful Jonathan Kellerman, the latest ‘Dan Starkey’ from (Colin) Bateman and a terrible contribution, ‘The Winner’, from David Baldacci in which the ‘baddie’ could disguise himself – male or female – at will and had virtually single handed control of the world’s money markets. Complete and utter dross, David Baldacci! But I digress. I’m sure Kindle and its competitors are wonderful, but can there be anything better than browsing in a book shop or library and physically handling a jolly good read? Thank you, Library Service. Long may you continue to do a great job. Let’s hear it for the Library Service, folks!