Not So Miserable ‘Les Miserables’

An interesting interview with Alfie Boe in yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph magazine in which he comments thus on the performance of Russell Crowe as Javert in the film of Les Miserables ‘Vocally Javert may have been a bit out of Russell Crowe’s reach. But he did his best’. Well said, Alfie Boe. Les Miserables – the film – has been rightly praised as a sumptious production. But it has to be said that the vocal performances of Russell Crowe and, indeed, Hugh Jackman were simply not good enough. My view is that their performances undermined the integrity of the music. Come on, Hollywood! When making a great stage musical like Les Miserables into a film you don’t need Hollywood super stars who can’t sing well enough. Les Miserables would have sold on its own merits.