The Phenomenon Of Half Body Building!

Having eaten a whole lot of food in Canada – see yesterday’s blog – I’ve been down to my local gym a couple of times in the last week for a spot of cardiovascular exercise and have noticed, once again, the phenomenon of Half Body Building! And it’s the upper Half! Lots of burly men – yuk! – in skimpy tops and track suit bottoms who only seem interested in developing their upper half. Hence the track suit bottoms covering skinny legs, perhaps? Their grunts and groans as they lift great weights are, thankfully, drowned by the not quite so awful music and I try not to look as they continuously stare at themselves in the nearest mirror. What is the point of it all, I ask myself? This blogger just doesn’t understand it. Over developed physiques don’t appear to attract most ladies and what happens when they’re too old and tired to lift weights and it all terms to fat. Ah well, each to his own, I suppose!