‘To Be Or Not To Be’ OR ‘Two Bee Ore Not Two Bee’?

The front page headline in yesterday’s Oxford Mail read ‘Spelling Doesn’t Matter’ and quoted a comment from Professor Simon Horobin – a Magdalen College English don – at the Hay Literary Festival questioning the need to rigourously stick to the current language rules in the Internet age and suggesting that if people wrote words such as accommodation incorrectly then it could be suggested its spelling had actually changed. Now I suspect that Professor Simon Horobin was quoted out of context, but I support their editorial claim that he and others ‘would be better served debating why literacy levels are so low and then how to correct taht, rather than adopting an attititude that betrays our treasured language’. I mean, ‘Gor Blimey, Mate’, do we want to make spelling even more confusng for our students and those who are seeking to learn English as a second language? My advice; think again Professor Simon Horobin. And you an Oxford man to – too – two!