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Are you looking for a voiceover artist with a cultured English voice for a corporate voice over?

Welcome to english-voice-over.com. My name is Tim Lane and I am a UK corporate voiceover artist with many years experience of working in the corporate and financial business sectors.

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Voice Over for an International Business Course

Bank De Binary

I can give your corporate voice over project the correct weight and gravitas with an experienced and refined English voice.

I have long and significant professional experience in working with and for many of the worlds largest corporations. When it comes to delivering your corporate voice over message I understand what you’re talking about!

In today’s difficult economic environment, requiring ever more innovative ways to promote your products and services to a wider customer base, my value as your corporate voice over artist will give your project a powerful advantage.

The knowledge and experience I bring ensures that your message will be effectively delivered to your target markets and customers.

Please use the form below to contact me to discuss your corporate voice over requirments, I’ll be pleased to assist you.

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