1. Oxford Narration
  2. Dickens – A Christmas Carol
  3. Shakespeare - Twelth Night
  4. Keats - Ode to Autumn
  5. Corporate Finance Voiceover

English Voiceover

In the world of voiceover expertise, it is appreciated that English voiceover talent – BBC voiceover quality, you might say – is the most recognised style in the professional voiceover arena.

My name is Tim Lane and I’m a freelance voiceover actor delivering a variety of English voiceover styles tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Oxford Narration

Dickins – Christmas Carol

Shakespeare – Twelfth Night

Keats – Ode to Autumn

Financial Services New Product Launch

As a freelance voiceover actor you’ll enjoy the ease of dealing with me direct. Located in Oxfordshire I provide my professional voiceover talents to clients of all sizes across a variety of global markets and embracing financial, commercial and charitable organisations.

Are you looking for that special English voiceover talent? If you need the BBC voiceover style then please contact me, either using the contact form or if you have a specific brief please request a quote

If there is a particular style that you are interested in please select one of the links below:

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