1. Shakespeare - Twelth Night
  2. Dickins - Christmas Carol
  3. Keats - Ode to Autumn
  4. Oxford Narration

Voiceover Narration

With an affinity for the written word and the wonderful depth of the English language it’s only natural that I’m delighted to offer you my voiceover narration service for books, extracts, poetry and short stories.

My audiobook voiceover narration service will make your words take flight from the page.

Shakespeare – Twelfth Night

Dickins – Christmas Carol

Keats – Ode to Autumn

Oxford Narration

I will engage your listeners, transporting them into the author’s world and realising the vocal potential of your written word.

When I read, audiences want to listen. I deliver an enjoyable and captivating experience in voiceover narration and at live events.

Please use the form below to contact me to discuss your audiobook voiceover narration requirments, I’ll be pleased to assist you.

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